Welcome to Sisters with Stuff, we are crazy busy sisters, wives and Moms to tweens just trying to survive one day at a time., living in the Seattle area. Saving money and finding the best deal is our passion...Oh wait...I mean our obsession. We're always in search of the best bargains whether it is food, personal care, clothes, toys or entertainment. A discount is a discount! By finding creative and inexpensive ways to obtain the items we need, we are able to afford the things we want. Of course we have our guilty pleasures too but always looking for ways to make them a little less guilty. In addition to saving money we are both on a mission to live more simple lives by learning the tricks from our mother and grandmothers to do more with less, we like to reuse and re purpose items we have at home already.

Michelle is a part time SAHM and works part time and Karen works full time outside the home so we hope you can relate to one or both of us.

On this blog you will learn deals, tricks and tools to save on everyday household services, household necessities, gift ideas and more...We will always provide our honest opinions about the services/products we suggest or tell you that we've never tried them. You will also find ideas to make life a little easier.