Turn Granulated Sugar into Powdered Sugar

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Have you ever been in a bind and just need a small amount of powdered sugar? I've been there many times, my daughter bakes which is great but she goes through powdered sugar like it's water so the one time we really need it, we're completely out. With all of our restrictions and stay at home orders it's not always easy to just run to the store to grab 1 thing, I've been really trying to have everything on hand and make as few trips to the store as possible. 

It's really simple to turn granulated sugar into powdered sugar, you will need a high powered blender, we use our coffee grinder because it is the only thing that is powerful enough to blend it enough to be powdery and not gritty. A regular blender probably would not work but one of those really powerful blenders like a Vitamix  will work, you will also need a sifter. As far as sugar any granulated sugar will work, white, unrefined, raw or organic cane sugar.

Start grinding sugar, I have to do small batches because I'm using a small coffee grinder but I think small batches are better anyway, you are able to really grind it well to get that powdery consistency that you want. Just keep grinding batches until you have enough for your recipe, I would recommend sifting it before you put it in your recipe. Some articles tell you to use cornstarch, I think it's used as a preservative to keep it dry and powdery if you are storing it but I haven't used it, I usually only make the amount that I need for that particular recipe, hopefully I can get to the store to get more before I need it another time.

If you wanted to use this to make all your powdered sugar, go for it!! If you have the right blender you could blend batches and store it in an airtight container for later, you may need to use a little cornstarch or arrowroot to keep it fluffy. 

Make Powdered sugar out of Granulated Sugar