What are you doing Saturday….or Sunday..or Monday……?

You’ve probably heard of ‘Small Business Saturday’ along with ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’.  It was actually the brain child of American Express. While it is good for the community, it was originally used as an advertising feature for businesses that accept American Express payments.  Although its inception was an advertising tool, the concept of shopping small has really clicked with Americans and is a great vision for any day of the week all year round.

This week watching my local Governor address the tightened lockdown restrictions driven by COVID-19, he talked about all the struggling businesses, which translates to struggling families and all the efforts underway to support them. He reiterated that the best thing we could do was shop small. Sisterswithstuff.com would like to do our part to help promote shopping small for the holidays and beyond. Shopping small isn’t a new concept but it’s rarely been more important.

Small businesses give back more to our communities. Your money goes right back into the community as taxes and spending money. While big businesses reduce jobs, small businesses increase jobs. Since customer retention is life or death to a small business, customer service is likely to be better than big box stores. You’ll also find product diversity in a small business with many of the products made or sourced locally or by individual contributors vs. mass production.

Sisters with Stuff would love to support the small businesses owned and operated by our readers. So while now is the time to get started with holiday shopping, we will feature some small businesses we’ve heard of as well as some internet resources to help you find your perfect gift or service at the same time as helping your neighbors.

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