Thrift store finds, a little glue, a little paint and you've got this gorgeous serving dish

I have a new obsession! Superglue and spray paint. I have been scouring Goodwill looking for cute combos in order to make some fun and inexpensive gifts and home decor!

Made from thrift store finds, paint & glue

This one was super simple. I first saw the candle stick and immediately thought I would spray paint it. I'm not really into the gold accents. Finding the right platter for the top was a bit more difficult. But then I saw it. A super cute pink plate with gold inlay accents. It looked so cute I didn't have to break out the spray paint. And all for around $5.00!

How fun to use for cakes when you're hosting a play date or cupcakes for the littles! I have a feeling this is the first of many superglue projects in my future!