I saved myself $30 just by making a 3 minute phone call!

My motto is: "It never hurts to ask" the worst they can do is say no. We recently upgraded our phones and I received our first bill, there was a $30 per phone device upgrade fee........whaaaattttt??? It never hurts to call and ask if they can waive the fee or reduce it so I called my carrier and asked, they weren't willing to waive the entire $60 but they reduced it to $30 so I saved myself $30. Sometimes it just takes a quick phone call and you can save on one time fees or monthly bills, I periodically call my phone, cable and internet providers and ask them if I'm getting the best deal. Sometimes they say I'm getting the best deal they can offer but a lot of times I'm able to reduce my bill by $10 or $20 per month and keep the same level of service.

You can try this with your car insurance and medical bills. I periodically call my insurance provider and have them look over my policy, maybe you are driving less miles or you got a new car that has safety features, those kind of things are sometimes eligible for a discount on your insurance premium. Always call if you have questions about a balance you owe on medical bills, could be a mistake or something they are willing to reduce, you can even receive a discount by paying a balance in full or up front before a procedure.
Try it on all your bills, remember: It never hurts to ask and it seems to work best when you call and ask nicely instead of demanding or threatening to quit, remember that old saying.......you get more flies with honey than with vinegar.