You really can earn money using Ibotta, I earned $67.25 in 2013

You've probably seen commercials for Ibotta, you download the app to your smartphone then you view offers for grocery items, restaurants, movie tickets. If you buy any of those items you take a picture of your receipt, scan the item and Ibotta puts money into an account for you. You can have the money transferred to a PayPal account if you have one or you can gift certificates to places like Starbucks, iTunes store, Redbox. I've earned $67.25 so far and I've only been using it for 6 months or so and I already have the money, you don't have to wait, as soon as you earn at least $5 you can have it put into your PayPal account.

It's free, there's no gimmicks, sometimes you can get the item for free or almost free when you combine store sales and coupons and Ibotta. I love it!!!