Having a Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser? Krusteaz will pay for half of your pancakes.

I started doing Fundraising this year at my daughters school, one of our fundraisers was a Pancake Breakfast. I found out if you go to http://www.krusteazgivesback.com/ you can download a rebate form to get 50% back of the purchase price of Krusteaz Pancake Mix. If you buy the big 10lb bags at Costco, you save your receipts and the UPC from the bags, submit the form and they will reimburse your organization 50% of the purchase price of the pancake mix up to $100, it does have to be a legitimate fundraiser so you will have to include a flier and some details about your event. Every little bit helps so getting 50% back is pretty darn cool if you ask me, the site also has tools and tips to help you calculate how much you will need and how to organize your feed and cook large quantities of pancakes.