EXPIRED!! Deals on Generators at Woot.com


We broke down and bought a generator last fall on woot.com, we've been without power and heat way too many times. Haven't had to use it yet "knock on wood" but it's ready to go if we do need it. My Husband did the research, we got one big enough to run our fridge, heat, lights and electronics in one room. It's a little overwhelming at first with all the different models and wattages, you just have to figure out what your needs are at home to survive and go from there.

Duracell 2,200 Watt Gas Inverter Generator

Duracell 3,500-Watt Gas Generator

Duracell 3000-Watt Inverter Generator

Duracell 2200-Watt Inverter Generator

Duracell 4,000-Watt Gas Generator

ETQ 4,000 Watt Portable Gas Generator