Make "Mom Cards" for playdates and meeting other Mom's, you can get 250 for FREE.

There are times when you need to quickly give someone your contact info, you may not always have time to enter it into your phone or maybe they don't have a smart phone (we just got smart phones and started texting last summer).
I ordered these free business cards from Vistaprint, I made mine into "Mom Cards", just my name and my contact info so when I'm at the park and meet other Mom's or for example I joined the PTA last year and at one of the meetings I just handed out a bunch of my cards so that everyone had my contact info, some people were so impressed that I had cards.

They are super easy to order, you just choose a design that you like, they have tons of cute designs, fill in the blanks with as little or as much contact info as you want, the cards are totally Free, just pay a few dollars shipping depending on where you live.

I've ordered from Vistaprint at least a dozen times and have always been really happy with my orders, you can even pay with your PayPal account if you don't like using your credit card online.