Are homemade Birthday cards ok?

What are your thoughts on homemade Birthday cards? Obviously if it's for your boss or a coworker or someone you don't know very well, having your child make a homemade card for them isn't really appropriate but when it comes to kids Birthday parties I think homemade cards are the best. My daughter beams when she can make a card for one of her friends, she can color and practice her writing skills and she gets joy out of making something for someone else. If you've been to kids parties you know they don't care about the card, it just gets tossed aside, they just want to get to the goods. For me it's not about being cheap or that the child doesn't deserve a card, it's just the fact that they honestly don't care, it's a waste and the $4 that you would have spent on it could be better put towards the present.

I encourage homemade cards for adult family members too, my daughter loves the praise she gets when the recipient opens her card and I think it's much more personal than just a card you picked off the shelf. There should be no shame in making and giving homemade cards, we're headed to a Birthday party today and these are the wonderful works of art that will be proudly given.

What do you think about homemade cards?