Yes these phrases have come out of my mouth since becoming a Mother.

In honor of Mother's Day I wanted to share a few things that have come out of my mouth since becoming a Mother, things in a million years I never imagined I would say when I first held that little precious bundle in my arms. Welcome to Motherhood, tickets are non refundable.

Did she poop today?

How many times did she poop today?

What color was it?

Why is this wet?

We only use the word poopoo when we are in the bathroom, everywhere else it's a bad word.

(At the doctor's office) Yes I have that sample of diarrhea in a baggy right here in my purse.

No wonder your hoohoo hurts.

Stop chewing your bed.

Why is this wet?

Go wash, I told you to keep your hands out of your pants.

That's why we are supposed to put on clean underwear everyday.

Did you wipe?

Keep your dress down.

No, kitties don't really care about Christmas.

Why is this wet?

Eat your baby trees (broccoli).

Stop licking the glass.

Why would you stick that in your mouth?

Don't put that in your nose.

Why is this wet?

Anything sound familiar???