You don't need to spend a fortune on toys, repurpose items you have at home already.

Let's get real, when you have little kids you quickly find out they are happy with the smallest things, they play with the box the toys came in and have a blast popping bubble wrap. I'm not saying don't buy toys I'm just saying they don't always have to have the latest and greatest to be satisfied.

I went through my plastic cupboard and pulled out stuff my daughter can play with outside in her playhouse, she can play in mud and water and play house, don't need to go buy outdoor toys.

I found old hair stuff and made a little hairstyling basket for her, she sits on the couch and does my hair, she has a blast brushing and putting curlers in my hair. I didn't spend a dime on a fake set and she is just as happy.
I know this won't last forever, as they get older they see things that friends have and are influenced by commercials on TV but I am going to try to keep it as simple as I can for as long as I can. I always say I'm saving money while she's young by not buying every gadget and name brand piece of clothing, then I have it for the important stuff that really matters later on in her life.