It's really easy to help out schools by signing up for Box Tops for Education, no clipping required!

If you've got school age kids or grandchildren or maybe you just want to help out a particular school, it's super easy and costs you nothing! Go online and sign up for Box Tops For Education, you will enter in your shopper loyalty cards (like your Safeway or Vonn's, Fred Meyer number or any participating retailer) then you will choose a school to support, you can choose any school that is participating in the Box Tops For Education Program, doesn't matter if you are a parent, grandparent or don't have children but want to help out.

Once your shopper cards are hooked to your Box Tops For Education account, the school will electronically get the box tops from any participating items that you buy. You can log in and see what items you bought and how many box tops went to the school if you are curious or you don't have to touch it again, it just works automatically. Like I said it's a free and and effortless way to help out the school of your choice. Of course you can still cut the little squares from boxes and give them to the school but signing up for Box Tops For Education you can help out even more!