Clean and sharpen the blade in your coffee grinder by grinding uncooked rice

I shared this over a year ago but I like to re post the really handy tips. I'm telling you this one really works. If you grind your own coffee beans then you know the darker beans have an oily residue that stays in your coffee grinder and makes it hard to keep clean.

 Did you know: The heat of roasting causes the outer hull of the coffee bean to crack open and the oils seep out, so the longer they are roasted the darker and oilier they are and of course the stronger flavor, light colored beans have been exposed to less heat so they generally aren't oily and have a much milder taste, just thought it was an interesting bit of info if you have ever wondered why some beans are oily and some aren't, enough coffee 101.

We tend to drink the darker roast so my grinder is always dirty, even if you use a rag or towel to wipe it out, it still doesn't come clean because of the oils, so every once in a while I put regular uncooked rice in it and grind it all up. It completely cleans the grinder, if you look at my pictures below it comes out looking shiny and brand new and it sharpens the blade and really makes your grinder work so much better, I'm always amazed at the improvement.