I feel like I should be doing more! What about you?

I need to do more, I need to help in my community more or help at school......I just feel like I should be doing more, there are so many places and programs that have been affected by budget cuts and disappearing funding, I helped every day at my daughters school for about 2 weeks last month and she goes to a great school and everyone that works there is dedicated and wonderful but I really got to see first hand how budget cuts have affected the school. It just really got me thinking that I need to chip in more and if everybody could just pitch in just a little somewhere, somehow, it would really make a difference.
I found United We Serve at serve.gov, you can just plug in your zip or city and it pulls up volunteer opportunities and then you can refine the list depending on what you are interested in. They have toolkits to help you start your own food drive or clothing drive or whatever your volunteer idea may be. They even have widgets for bloggers so you can have them directly on your site or in a post. I grabbed a couple, you can search from here for opportunities, just put in your zip or location.

Feel free to grab the widgets for your own use as well, let's spread the word!