ThredUP....It's like buying kids consignment clothes but it's online!

I am really curious about this, I'm thinking about placing an order since I can use this $10 off code on my first order. It's called ThredUp, they sell gently used name brand kids clothing at a reduced price, it's like shopping at a consignment store for your kids clothes but it's all online and they ship it to your home. You can also make money with ThredUP, you can order a postage paid bag that you fill with gently used (no stains or tears) name brand kids clothing, you give it to the mail person or UPS person (the postage is prepaid). When ThredUP receives your bag they process it, if the items can be sold they put the picture on their site for sale and if it sells you earn a portion of the sale, if they decide that they can't sell it they recycle it or donate it, you don't get the items back.

I think this is a great idea, you can save money on clothes for your kids and if you have clothes to get rid of you can earn a little cash. I love the fact that the items get reused and if they can't be then they are donated or recycled! I would love to know if anyone has tried this and what they thought about it! Click on the banner below to sign up and get all the details, it's FREE to join!