One of my Favorite Tips Ever...Vinegar to Clean the Microwave!

I swear by this tip, this is the only way I clean my microwave. All you need is a microwaveable glass bowl, fill half with vinegar and the other half with water, microwave until it boils. When you open the door it's warm and steamy and you can take just a regular dishrag and wipe down the inside. Everything comes off so easily because the steam has loosened anything that has been cooked on, the vinegar leaves a clean fresh smell without using chemicals. There are lots of variations like using lemon juice or a wet rag, I'm sure they work but this is my absolute favorite and it works every time. If you use paper towels instead of a dishrag check the recycling rules where you live, here in the Pacific NW we recycle everything so I can throw the used paper towels into the yardwaste and they get composted.
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Half water half vinegar and bring to a boil!