Love Curry but hate how the smell lingers in your house!

We love curry and make it quite often but I can't stand how the house smells after making it. This is what I cooked last night, it's not completely homemade, the curry spices are already mixed I just add all the ingredients. You can read how I make this Curry with Chicken Vegetables & Rice for around $ 5, and see more $5 Meal Ideas.

Chicken Curry w/ Vegetables & Rice
So why does the smell linger in your house? According to the spices used in the curry ingredients release fat-soluble oil which causes the pungent aroma, the oil vapor is absorbed by fabrics and other porous surfaces, so it pretty much gets in everything, your clothes, furniture, window treatments.

 Here's some things I do to lessen the smell, if it's summer I open all the windows and turn on fans, in the winter I turn on the fan over the stove and turn on a fan that is in my laundry room next to the kitchen, I keep them going throughout the whole cooking process and even after it's done. I always make sure there are no coats or jackets or clothes sitting around, I make sure they are put away and the door is closed, I also close the doors to my closet upstairs so the smell doesn't find it's way up to my clothes.  I add a cinnamon stick to the pot of curry when I'm cooking, it doesn't change the taste it just helps make the smell a little more pleasant, you can throw in a cinnamon stick whenever you are cooking anything that kind of stinks up the kitchen, it really does help. I set a bowl of plain white vinegar next to the stove, it helps absorb some of the odor and I make sure that I clean up the dishes right away, I'm famous for leaving pans "to soak" in the sink but I can't do that with the curry.
You can find more ideas on, they suggest things like boiling vinegar and cinnamon sticks on the stove and sprinkling baking powder on your furniture and then vacuuming. I also have a bunch of household tips using vinegar and baking soda that you can read...Household Tips.