It's OK to Live Simply in 2013!

Did you make financial resolutions or goals for the year? Pay down debt? Put more in savings? Save towards a big purchase? Those are all realistic goals that I'm sure a lot of us will be working towards this year. One of my goals this year is to live more simply, I'm not talking crazy going off the grid, start spinning my own wool, beating my laundry on a rock kind of simply, I'm talking about trying to be happy and content without having to buy or acquire things all the time. Don't get me wrong I love a deal and I love to pass on deals I see but if we are buying out of boredom or to fill a void or to present an image to the world then it just ends up being excess.

Of course I'm not going to deny my family of the necessities but I'm going to really think before I make a purchase, "do I really need it" or "am I buying it because a friend got one and it looks cool". I'm not going feel bad that I don't always have the latest and greatest, there is nothing that I "need" to buy or have to impress anyone else. I know it's easy to get caught up, you get together with a group of friends or other Mom's and somebody always has the nicer house or car or purse or clothes or gadget but you just tell yourself "I don't need it to feel good about myself", remind yourself of the things you do have....... I have a beautiful family that loves me, I have healthy children or I have a wonderful relationship with my spouse or partner, I have a community of friends and loved ones that I belong to, I have a roof over my head, I have food to feed my children. These are the things that are most important, the other stuff is just fluff, there is absolutely nothing wrong fluff but don't let having it or not having it define who you are.

Let's adopt the "It's OK" attitude, start spreading the message that you want to live simply and that you encourage other people in your life to live simply, there is no shame, no judgement, there are no expectations. Let people around you know that it's ok to give a homemade gift or wrap things in comics, it's ok to trade things or go to the thrift store or reuse things instead of buying it all brand new. It's ok to have a kids birthday party at home or a park to save money instead of the bouncy place or one of the kids party places, it's ok to have a dvd movie night at home instead of spending a fortune at the theatre, it's ok to not have all the name brand clothes, it's ok that your kids don't all have iPads, iPhones and tablets, it's ok to say no when you get an invitation to go out to dinner but you really don't want to spend the money, it's ok to not spend a fortune at Christmas and birthdays and just keep it simple.................It's OK!! I think you get the point, so if you like what I'm saying feel free to spread the word..It's OK!