I Earned $1.75 on ibotta today at Safeway!

Have you heard of ibotta? It is a free mobile app that let's you earn money when you shop, it pays cash rewards for learning about and purchasing your favorite products. Today I shopped at Safeway, I bought Simply Orange Juice and some Glad Containers, they were both on sale and they were both on my ibotta app so when I bought them I scanned the barcodes, took a picture of my receipt and submitted it and I got $1.75. All it takes is a minimum of $5 in your account and you can ask to have it deposited into your paypal, I'm up to $6 but I'll build up some more before I transfer it. Here's the link to get the details and try it out ibotta app. The cool thing is you can buy the item on sale and use coupons and still get the money from ibotta so sometimes it ends up being free or even a moneymaker!

Here's a couple pictures so you get kind of an idea of what it's like. Sign up here: ibotta app