Have you seen the Penny Floor?

I saw this while surfing, a young couple covers their bedroom floor with approximately 60,000 pennies. It took about 4 months to complete the project and they documented it on their blog ThePennyFloor.com. It's really interesting to read about and lots more cool pictures. Go see it at ThePennyFloor.com.

Here's some stats from their blog ThePennyFloor.com

1873: the oldest penny used; coin features an indian head instead of Abraham Lincoln

1944: year of the WWII 440 steel penny used because of a copper shortage

59,670: total amount of pennies used

128: total number of man-hours it took to lay pennies

2: total number of people who made the penny floor possible

184: number of reruns (see glossary) placed before grouting

$596.70: total cost of pennies.

$2.55: total cost per square foot x 234sq = 59,670 pennies.

Thanks The Penny Floor for the photos and stats, love it!!