Check your email for a BOGO coupon for Simple Truth Products!

If you have a Fred Meyer and you are subscribed to their email list check your email for a Buy One Get One Printable Coupon for any Simple Truth Products. Here in the NW we have Fred Meyer and QFC which are part of Kroger so if you shop at a Kroger or a store that belongs to Kroger you may get the same coupon.

I don't know all the details but I have seen displays at the store with a huge selection of Simple Truth organic products, I would be willing to buy one and get one for free. I didn't include a link to the coupon because it is tied to my specific card so it wouldn't work for you. When you are signed up for all these newsletters and clubs you get so much junk mail, it is kind of pain but it does pay off sometimes, I use a completely separate email address for junk mail like that so it doesn't clog up my personal email address.