I'm such a laundry loser!

I suck at laundry I won't deny it, yeah it's easy to put loads of laundry in the washer but taking it out of the washer and into to the dryer before it starts to smell (especially if you have a front load washer) is a whole different story and then removing it from the dryer, folding and putting it all away is well let's just say I'm a firm believer in wearing the clothes directly out of the clean laundry basket to avoid all that wasted time and energy spent on folding and putting away!
Needless to say I use vinegar like it's going out of style, so to freshen a load of laundry I just pour some vinegar in the soap or fabric softener reservoir and run a short cycle, I usually use cold to save the energy on hot water (depends on the clothes you are washing). My Husband has learned after many years if his sock drawer is empty, before coming to me, always check the dryer and/or various random laundry baskets, he may hit the jackpot, he may not. If not he needs to approach me in a calm, cheerful manner, he can casually mention it to me but without a hint of expectation in his voice. I will get to it but of course it takes time and it's a process, in the meantime I suggest he have some emergency backups hidden somewhere, what's that saying about being prepared???