Not having Cable can save you even more money at Christmas time!

So here's one of the best unexpected results from cutting cable, obviously you have your monthly savings but if your little ones watch Netflix or DVD's or PBS on local channels they don't see COMMERCIALS. Bigger kids can read and talk to their friends about the latest and greatest toys and gadgets they want for Christmas but little kids don't know what's out there for sale unless they are bombarded with commercials that tell them they need the newest leappad or motorized barbie jeep. My daughter is 5 and sees almost no commericials, she has no idea about every new fun toy and gadget unless a friend has one or we see something shopping. It makes a huge difference, she's not constantly asking me for this toy or that toy, she is happy with most everything she gets even if it's not the newest fad on the market, I could buy something used or from a garage sale and she wouldn't care or notice the difference, and I may buy her some new popular toy but I don't feel like I have to.

Believe me I know this won't last forever, she will begin to read and hang out with her friends more and eventually I won't have as much control of all of the commercialism she is exposed to but for now I'm going to milk it for all it's worth, hopefully I can instill the thinking that you don't constantly need need need everything new and popular to be happy or to feel self worth. Who knows maybe it will work for adults too!!!!!