Hot Deal on Rechargeable Batteries, $12.99 for 12 AAA Duracell Rechargeables on!

This is a great deal especially if you have lots of little gadgets at home that use AAA Batteries!
12ct Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries $12.99 for 12 batteries plus $5 shipping, order as many items you want and you only pay the $5 shipping once!
Rechargeable Duracell AAA NiMH batteries are ideal for use with digital and high-drain devices or those that you use often.

  • Batteries are pre-charged so you can use them directly out of the package
  • Holds a charge for up to 1 year when not in use
  • 800 mAh
  • Can be recharged 100's of times
  • Duracell guarantees against defects in materials and workmanship
  • 12ct Duracell AAA Rechargeable Batteries