Here's an idea to save money during the Holidays...don't spend money!!!!

This might be a touchy subject, I know a lot of people look forward to the Holidays and getting gifts but to be honest I am so over the whole Christmas gift thing. I don't want gifts, I tell my husband not to buy me anything and I don't buy him anything, we do have a young daughter and I'm not a complete grinch, obviously we buy her gifts for Christmas and she gets gifts from santa but I don't go overboard. I hear people talk about how expensive the Holidays are because they are buying gifts for all their family members and I just find it outrageous that people will go into debt because they have to buy things for all of their extended family. I tell my whole family do not buy us gifts, we always do gifts for the kids but the adults don't need it. I know it is supposed to be the act of giving that gives us happiness and I absolutely get that when I see the kids faces light up but I don't want someone going into debt just to "give me something" and I think it's just selfish if you are an adult and you still expect gifts even though family members may be going through tough financial times.
If you want to declare a no-gift Christmas this year start now, you can start telling family members that you will not be buying gifts this year (other than kids of course) and that you don't expect any in return. If you absolutely want to give something just make a small homemade food item (I usually give loaves of pumpkin bread) or a box of chocolates or make a small cash donation in their name to a charity but don't ruin your finances because you feel pressured into buying something big. I know families have traditions and you buy things just because that's what you do and what you have always done but nothing says you have to. Just enjoy the family time together and leave all "the stuff" out of it!