Refill this small foam soap dispenser 80 times from this big jug!

Here's how you refill this foam soap dispenser 80 times with this big refill jug, less than $ .08 per refill...not $ .80......less than eight cents per refill!!!! This jug is 80oz, you can buy a two pack of these at my Costco for $11.55 that includes our state tax, it only takes 1oz to refill each foam soap dispenser (I measured it out) be sure to save all your old foam soap dispensers, it has to be the FOAM dispenser, the regular liquid soap dispensers don't work. If you don't have any here is the link to Amazon's Foam Soap Dispensers.
Fill the empty bottle with the liquid soap to where my finger is pointing about 1/4 " or approximately 1oz, more is not better in this case, if you use too much liquid soap it won't come out foamy.
Fill the rest of the way with water but leave space at the top where my finger is pointing, you need some room at the top to allow the water and soap to mix plus if it's too full and you put the top back on it will overflow.
Put the lid back on and shake to mix the soap and water, you will know if you have the right ratio if it comes out exactly like foam soap, if it will barely come out of the pump and hardly has foam you probably have too much soap in it and you will need to add more water.
This is all we use, I don't ever buy the individual pumps anymore, you might be able to buy them cheap with coupons but unless you are getting them free I don't think you can beat eight cents per refill.