Make Monkey Bread This Weekend!

If you've been following our blog you've probably seen similar posts about the Pillsbury Monkey Bread but I absolutely love it and it's so simple to make. Now is a great time to make it, several grocery stores in my area have the Pillsbury Grands on sale right now, as low as $ .69 so that's when I buy a few cans. To make this recipe you need 2 cans of the Pillsbury Grands, here is the link to the Monkey Bread Recipe. It is so gooey and delicious and the house smells like cinnamon, I secretly scoop out and eat the brown sugar and butter mixture that is left in the pan after putting the monkey bread on a plate. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right!

You will need brown sugar for this recipe, don't panic if the only brown sugar you have is hard as a rock, read my tips how to soften brown sugar that has hardened.