Easy, Quick, Breakfast Perfect for School Mornings!

I know it as Birdie in the Nest, I grew up having this for breakfast and now I make it for my daughter and she loves it. It doesn't look like much, just whole grain toast with an egg cooked in the middle but it cooks fast and if you normally give your kids eggs and toast than you can introduce this as a fun new breakfast.
Here's how you make it, cut a circle in a peice of bread with a glass, make sure to save the circle.
In a fry pan on med-high crack an egg or two into the hole in the bread.

Take the circle of bread that you cut out and spread the egg and yolk all  around the bread then turn the circle over and place it back into the slice of bread to cook.

 Cook on both side until egg is done all the way through and voila' you've got Birdie in the Nest, of course you can add other ingredients to suit your taste, cheese, ham, veggies..........whatever floats your boat!