Check out my score from Safeway!

I pretty much stopped shopping at Safeway because they had changed their electronic and paper coupon policy and it was soooo expensive, outrageously expensive. I think they got the hint from a lot of people so they started this new Just for U program, you load coupons and deals from their add and personalized deals that they have selected for you based on your shopping history onto your smart phone or iPad. Yes I agree that they should not make us jump through all these hoops to get decent prices, just get rid of all the gimmicks and pass on the savings but that's the way it works. I signed up for the Just 4 U program and started using it on my smart phone, since then they have been sending me killer deals on food, cheaper than if I used paper coupons and they've been giving me special prices on produce items that I normally buy plus 20% off my entire produce order. Here is what I got yesterday for $24.77, if you know your grocery store prices you know that this was a steal!!!!

4 Boxes Cereal
4 Boxes Crackers
2 Bottles Canola Oil
2 Bottles Cranberry Cocktail Juice
2 1/2 Gallons Milk
1 Safeway Brand Ketchup
2 Bottles Lawry's Marinade
1 Can Pam Cooking Spray
1 Package Hard Taco Shells
1 Bag Fresh Spinach
1 Package Fresh Mushrooms
4 Roma Tomato's
10lb Bag Potato's