Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook Pages

My newest obsession, does anybody else have this were you live? Facebook pages created by someone local in your town or area of town where you buy sell and trade stuff with people that are in your area also, then you just meet up someplace to do the exchange. Obviously you want to be very careful and meet at a public place but most of the posts I see are all Moms getting rid of stuff. I posted something for free that I just wanted to get rid of a couple of hours ago and it's already taken, I specified that they pick up so I don't waste gas money delivering and I'm just going to meet them at the entrance to my neighborhood so they don't know exactly where I live. It's like having an online garage sale, just search the name of your area in the search area on FB and you might find something, if you live in the Seattle area like I do I can give you the links if you are interested, you'll be hooked, it's worse than Pinterest!!!