What are we in High School again???????

Alright I'm sure you all are going to tell me to lighten up and that it's just a joke, I get it, I get it. I'm the first one to laugh at a lot of these cards but I didn't think this one was funny, I know it's supposed to be funny because it's exaggerated and over the top but it still just rubbed me the wrong way. What makes only owning 6 pairs of shoes funny? What if you only had 3 pair of shoes would it just be gut busting hilarious? I'm guessing 1 pair of shoes would cause you to have to change your pants. When our children see things like this do they know it's supposed to be a joke? I'm not going to go into a big spiel about how a lot of us feel the need to have so many things to feel worthy and validated and that we teach our children to just want more and more. I'm just wondering if anyone else finds it disturbing and sad that this is the kind of thing that we are supposed to find funny? It's just an adult version of the mean kids in grade school and high school but instead of saying it face to face we can just "share" it on our "wall" or forward it in an email with "this is hilarious" in the subject line.