Hand Sanitizer as an Emergency Stain Remover

I love it when the guys read my blog and come up with ideas for posts! One of my Besties had us over this weekend and her husband told me about this and I thought it was absolutely genius, he was at work and had spilled coffee on the front of his white work shirt, obviously he doesn't want to walk around all day with coffee on his shirt so he grabs some gel hand sanitizer and puts it on the stain and it disappears. He wanted to prove to me that it really worked so he uses some on a red wine stain on the counter top and it absolutely works, I'm not saying use it for everything but most of us have hand sanitizer with us all the time or on our desk or in the car so if an emergency stain situation comes up try using your hand sanitizer. It has to be the kind that contains alcohol, the alcohol free does not work the same.