Emergency Use for Baby Oil or Cooking Oil!

Here's a tip to file away in your brain, hopefully you won't have to use it but if you do you will be glad you have it. It might seem kind of obvious but when you are in an emergency situation sometimes your brain doesn't work like it normally does.
 My daughter was an infant and she was in her crib taking a nap, I heard her start to scream, I could tell instantly by the tone of the scream that something was  really wrong, I ran into her room and she had slid her leg in between the slats of her crib and it was stuck way up towards the top of her thigh. It was really stuck and she was screaming and thrashing around trying to get it out, I was scared to death that she would break her leg. I started to panic for a minute trying to decide what to do, the first thing I thought was "lubrication" I thought about cooking oil but it was all the way downstairs and I was afraid to leave her so I looked around her room and I had a bottle of baby oil on her changing table, I dumped it all over her leg and was able to work it out without breaking her leg.
 I haven't had to use it since but I'm sure there are many other situations that you could use baby oil or cooking oil to get body parts unstuck, kids love to stick their heads, arm, hand, fingers etc. into places they shouldn't.