There will be no stay of execution this time!

See this picture, it says FREE, this will be out in the very front of my driveway at dawn. Please if there is any mercy left in this world I beg someone to take this Bride of Chucky Guitar to it's final resting place. If you are not familiar with the whole Bride of Chucky Guitar here is the blog post It's Alive! Up until now all my attempts to outwit it have been in vain, you may have read that leaving it outside all winter was unsuccessful. I have tried to send it home with unsuspecting children that have come over for a play date only to have it returned the next day by their Mother or Father, I suspect it may have spoke to them "take me home" (in that creepy whispery voice)
I'm guessing they weren't sure if they really heard it (kind of like Field of Dreams) but it scared them enough to gladly give it back to me, and of course they wouldn't say anything to me for fear that I would think they were crazy.
So here it sits in it's final hours, it let's out a guttural twang once in a while to show it's displeasure being in the Garage Sale Free box that will be raided at dawn's early light by some poor treasure seeking soul. I hope that person has some sort of vampire or zombie training or possibly took a few courses in college learning to use the Jedi mind trick. In the mean time I've been preparing in case this plan fails and they decide to return "the guitar" to our doorstep in the middle of the night,
 we've joined the witness relocation program, packed up our home and moved to an undisclosed location until we get confirmation that it has been destroyed. In the meantime I'll try to remember not to "check in" on Facebook and let everybody know that we are eating lunch at Denny's!!!!