Saturday, July 14, 2012

Super Cheap Amazon Warehouse Deals!

Here's a few really good Amazon deals I found, of course I found coffee, if you like Hazelnut flavored this is a great deal. Three 12 oz bags of Community Coffee Ground Hazelnut for $10.43, that's $3.47 per bag and it's eligible for Super Saver Shipping!

Walnut Acres Organic Apple Juice 32oz bottles pack of 4 $5.26, that's $1.31 per bottle which is really good for organic, also available for Super Saver Shipping!

Awesome price for India Tree Sugar, Lavender Pastel 3.5oz Pack of 3 $6.19, also eligible for Super Saver Shipping!

If you use onion powder this is a great deal, Six 2.25oz jars of Sauer's Onion Powder for $5.50, that's $ .91 per jar, also eligible for Super Saver Shipping.

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