We finally made the plunge but I promise not to turn into a Zombie from the Walking Dead!

We finally made the plunge and got smartphones with texting and a data package, we've been talking about it for the last 2 years but we just didn't want to fork out the ridiculus amount of money they want for cell phone packages now, it used to be your first born as down payment but they no longer require the down payment so we just pay monthly. Up until now all we have had were the free phones, no texting, no internet, we were probably some of the last people on the planet not to have texting, our friends would look at us like we were leprys "you don't have texting?" "how am I suppose to talk to you?" UHHHH You could call us!!!!!!!

When we got the phones I promised myself that I would not become one of the "Smartphone Zombies", you've seen them, they walk around constantly with the phone in one hand and their head down staring at the screen, scrolling, texting, splitting atoms whatever, I don't know what they are doing but apparently it's pretty important because they can't look up long enough to avoid walking into moving traffic, I stay away from them to avoid being bitten and infected. Then there is the "The person texting me is more important than the person in front of me, call waiting phenomenon" (I really should use the acronym instead of typing the whole thing out) that's where you are talking to someone and suddenly they are no longer in the conversation, they are head down staring at their screen. At first I thought well it must be really important if they are stopping their conversation with me midsentence to answer the text they just recieved, they are probably getting their orders from Mission Impossible headquarters about their next mission, but then I found out it was just a text from their friend saying "WASSSSSUP?"

Long story short,  (too late) if you know me and you spot me doing any of the above, please slap me and put my phone in time out for a while, or just text me, wherever I am or whatever i'm doing I'll be sure to answer you!
Found this and thought it was so fitting!