Treasure every bouquet in your life!

My camera doesn't do it justice but this is one of the many beautiful bouquets of wildflowers that my 4 yr old daughter picks for me. Sometimes it's dandelions, sometimes it's just long grass that has gone to seed but I try to treasure every one that I get. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of her facial expression as she hands me the bouquet and says "I picked these for you momma", there is no doubt in her mind that these are the most beautiful flowers in the world, there is no questioning herself that these might not be pretty enough or that maybe she didn't spend enough on them or maybe someone else might have picked something better. It is with pure, innocent, unjaded love that she gives these to me with not a thought for herself or any expectation of anything in return other than my smile and excitement.

My hope for her is that she could keep this wonderful gift for the rest of her life, to always look at the world with child eyes, to always see hope and optimism in every situation even when it seems there is none and to unabashedly believe in herself!

Do you treasure all the bouquets in your life?  Maybe your bouquet is a play dough sculpture or a special rock or even a picture colored with crayons, it doesn't matter as long as it is accepted with praise and excitement and lots of hugs and kisses! 


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