Make your own airpouch's or airpillow's for shipping and packing fragile items

I'm sure you've seen these air pillow's or air pouch's, they usually come in the box if you order something online or get any  kind of product shipped to your home. They add a cushion of air around your item to protect it and they don't add to the shipping cost because they don't weigh anything, I'm sure if you've shipped anything lately you know shipping costs are outrageous.
Anytime I get them in a package I usually save them cuz I'm a hoarder like that but if you don't have any you can make your own with ziploc bags and a straw. Just put the straw in the bag, zip it closed all the way except just enough room for the straw then just blow in the straw to inflate and quickly pull the straw out and zip closed. I just used the small sandwich size for the picture but you could use larger bags too. This works for packing also, if you have small fragile items like ornaments or figurines, put the item in the bag then inflate and seal, it will be protected all the way around with the cushion of air.


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