Anybody else in the same boat?

I use Facebook to connect with friends and family members, I'm reconnecting with lots of old high school classmates that I haven't seen since graduation. But can I tell you how strange it is to see pictures that my old high school friends post of their kids that are graduating from HIGH SCHOOL and COLLEGE or getting MARRIED................and here I am with a 4 YEAR OLD watching sprout and singing the wheels on the bus...seriously!! I'll just say I'm in my early 40's, enough said, but I don't feel like an older Mom, where I live now I have lots of Mom friends, some the same age as me, some younger, but we all have kids around the same age so it's never an issue, (we are all in misery together).
I don't regret my decision to be a Mom later in life, I've been able to do so many fun things because I waited but I am certainly not judging anyone for starting a family earlier in life. Everybody has to do what works best for them, but it is really strange to think that I could have a child that is graduating high school or college. Next summer is my 25th high school reunion, I want to go, I haven't been to one yet (I know shame on me) but I'm just wondering if everyone will be discussing what college their child got into or what major they are studying and I'll be like "oh yeah well my kid can read Go Dog Go and wipe herself".