Interesting article on Shout Color Catchers, I haven't tried them yet have you?

I've never tried these, they are supposed to prevent any colors that bleed in the wash from getting on the rest of the load of laundry. Yeah have you ever accidentally washed a red shirt in with your husband's tidy whities so he has to wear pink underwear to get the idea! Anyway my Mom sent me a link to this article from The Dollar, readers share ways to make the Shout Color Catchers last longer and alternatives to buying them altogether. Like I said I have never bought them so I have no opinion either way but I thought it was an interesting read. Shout Color Catchers


  1. Quilters use them alot because they are always pre-washing new fabrics to make their quilts with. Wouldn't that be awful to put all that work into a patchwork quilt and then wash it and have the colors run all over! Eeeeeck! Great article!


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