I've received discounts on phone and cable just by calling and asking!

I'll be watching tv and I see commercials for my phone or internet or cable provider and they are offering these great temporary deals for new customers only, well what about current customers????  So what I started doing is calling a few of my providers once every 6 months and asking them if I am getting the best deal possible, if you don't ask they certainly won't call you to tell you there is a better deal. When I call I am always nice and polite, if you start out with a bad attitude they are less likely to do something for you, I just say that I've seen offers for new customers on tv and I'm wondering if there are any offers for existing customers. Most of the time they will say that there is nothing for existing customers and that you are getting the best deal they can offer, sometimes they will say that there is no offers for existing customers but let me see if I can do something else for you, on several occasions they have reduced my bill by 50% for 3 or 6 months or some other discount for a temporary amount of time just to thank me for being a good customer.

 Don't count on it happening every time but it doesn't hurt to ask, the worst they can say is no. Just be kind and honest, don't give them a big hardship story unless you really are experiencing a hardship, it's seems the nicer you are the more they try to find some kind of discount for you. Good Luck!