I'm going to try this to help with the clutter!

I'm not claiming to be an expert at organizing, I am so far from it so I need every bit of help I can get. I saw this idea, I have no idea if it works but I figure it's worth a shot. You get a different colored bin for every child in your family and at the end of the evening you put the bins at the bottom of the stairs, whatever belongs to that child goes in their bin and then it is their job to take the bin upstairs to their room when they go to bed. I only have a 4 yr old and I get overwhelmed with all the junk she drags out like little doll shoes and little pieces of craft paper she colored and dress up clothes and random bits of junk. Sometimes I just get to a point where I want to give up because I've put the same thing away a thousand times and everything is still a mess. If you've tried this let me know or if you know of a better solution I would love to hear it!!!!