Bride of Chucky's guitar....I swear it's alive!!!

So a couple of year's ago my next door neighbor and I are having a garage sale. Included with her items is this bratz toy guitar, my daughter is very little and sees it and wants it so my neighbor says to me just take she can have it. My next door neighbor and I are very close friends or so I thought until she gives me this &^%*%#$%^&&#@ guitar, first of all it's bratz, I am not a fan of bratz, these dolls look like hoochies in stiletto heels with collagen lip injections. They are supposed to be dolls for little girls but they are so inappropriate, I just think they send the worst message. No offense if you are a bratz fan but I won't be buying anything from them.
 So along with the whole bratz thing, this guitar also plays some kind of "rock" music, it's hideous and loud, you can't turn it down and it makes me want to claw my eyes out. The music is so bad and every time you push on the neck of the guitar it plays for what seems like minutes and then shuts off, if you keep pressing it keeps playing and doesn't stop. Of course my daughter loves it and continues to play it, I want to throw it away some night when she is sleeping, why I didn't when I had the chance I don't know. Later I find out from my "friend" that her daughter got it as a gift and they hate it as much as I do so she was glad to get rid of it.

This winter my daughter says she wants to take "the guitar" outside to play, I'm thinking fine by me, leave it outside all winter and it will be ruined and I'll never have to listen to it again. It sits for months getting rained on and I giggle to myself when I see it out in the back yard because for sure it's ruined.............. OH NO The thing still plays but it randomly plays when no one is touching it and now it's this rain damaged screaching music worse than it was before. Late at night I will go into the kitchen to close the shade on the  kitchen window and all of a sudden I will hear it start to play in the back yard. It's taunting me, it hates me because it knows I want to destroy it. To be honest first of all I'm afraid to go near it, second of all if I throw it in the garbage I'm scared it will reappear on my front doorstep the next day.
 So for now it just stays in my backyard, playing it's eerie rain damaged music whenever it feels like it and I just leave it alone, we're having another garage sale this summer and I'm hoping to toss it into the FREE box for some poor unsuspecting soul to take it. Is that wrong???????


  1. Gee, seems to me I've seen ads for the Postal Services FLAT RATE BOXES that can get rid of creepy stuff like that. You havent seen a creepy sinister clown hanging around the pink guitar, have you? ROFLOL Just don't send it to me, it's a guitar and your Father will want to keep it.


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