A million uses for those cooked beans!!

So you've seen my post about cooking dried beans and freezing them for future use. This week I made a couple meals and used my beans to add a little sumpin sumpin to the recipe.

I don't usually buy packaged meals but I had a Zatarains Spanish Rice that I got next to nothing with coupons. The instructions call for a can of diced tomatoes but instead I added a fresh tomato and a helping of my frozen Black Beans. The beans added extra fiber and the tomato added extra Vitamin A and C (I believe a little more than canned tomatoes would). The additional ingredients made a larger portion and we were able to eat the rice for multiple meals. I served it with diced chicken breast one night and with sausage another. I don't know exactly how much it cost but I'm guessing it qualified for a $5.00 meal.

A couple nights later I made my favorite meal, Turkey Taco's. By adding a serving of my previously cooked beans we reaped the health benefits of the beans and it makes the meat go much further. Our family at taco's the first night and then my husband ate the meat with 2 more meals this week.

Moral of the story... a couple of dollars for dried beans can take you through the summer, saving money and adding valuable nutrition to your diet.