We got 5 meals plus lunches out of an 11 lb Easter Ham!

Right before Easter I bought a bone-in 11 lb ham for $ .99 lb, the first meal was Easter dinner and that fed 4 adults and 2 four year olds, sorry no picture but it turned out fabulous and I even sent our guests home with some ham slices. The next day I put the ham bone and split peas and vegetables in the crock pot for myself, my husband and daughter. The split pea soup was so good and my husband took the leftovers to work the next day.

Several days later I made homemade ham and scalloped potatoes, I used my mandolin to julienne the potatoes and onions, the picture below is before I put the cream sauce on and put it in the oven. I planned on taking a picture when it was finished but we just dug in and ate it up. Sooo good and again my husband had leftovers for lunch.

A few mornings later my husband made scrambled eggs, ham and vegetables for the 3 of us, sorry no picture I was just enjoying not having to cook and being able to drink my coffee in peace so I didn't think about grabbing the camera.

 The last meal was yesterday, I diced up the last of the ham and threw in vegetables and white beans and some chicken stock and noodles and voila we had soup, there's still soup left in the fridge we'll eat it over the next few days. 

Had I known I would be able to stretch the ham so far I would have bought more to put in the freezer. If you break it down that's about $2.00 per meal and actually less if you count all the lunches. I was really proud of myself for using every bit, sometimes you have so much meat left and you can only eat so much so you end up throwing away. It would have been easy to do that and I would justify it to myself that I already got a couple of meals out of it so I got my money's worth but if you think about it like it's actual cash you are throwing out it changes your perspective.