There are many uses for Olive Oil, it's not just for cooking!

EVOO is a staple at our house, I pretty much cook everything with it, but did you know it has many other household uses besides cooking.
It can be used as a hair detangler, if you or your child or even your pet has a bunch of matted hair you can just work the oil in and gently try to comb it through, or just use as a conditioner.
If you have a cat that has a problem with hairballs try to mix olive oil in with the cat food (if they will eat it).
Use it to remove makeup or just rub it in your skin to moisturize, it will even soften your lips, extra light olive oil can be used as massage oil or to replace shaving cream
It can be used on squeaky door hinges or if you have a zipper that is stuck dab some olive oil on the zipper with a cotton ball and you should be able to work it loose.
Coat your shovels or outside tools so dirt doesn't stick to them and to prevent rusting.
Rub olive oil into your wooden cutting boards to condition them and prevent cracking, you don't want cracks, that's where bacteria is able to hide.
There's a million more but I thought these were fairly common uses, what do you use olive oil for?