The Ground Turkey Deal is back! You can get Ground Turkey for $1.66 per meal!

Remember my post from March Ground turkey for 6 meals $1.66 per meal? If you have Safeway where you live, this Friday Only you can get this same deal. Friday April 20th they have the Jennie-O-Turkey Store 85% lean Turkey in the 3 lb container for $5.00 limit of 3. We don't eat ground beef so this is what we use for any meal that requires ground meat, tacos, chili, meatloaf etc. and there's no pink slime and never has been in ground turkey. Here's pictures showing how I split up the packages but of course you do what works best for your family.

I filed the original post under the How to make $5.00 meals for your family tab, so if you are looking for more ideas to make inexpensive meals this is the place to go!