Super Easy Toy Organization

Do your kids have more toys than they can play with? I rarely buy my son toys because he already has so much, he get's toys for gifts or from friends as hand-me-downs. At age 4 his toys are more and more the little stuff like little cars or trains. He's got a giant toy bin but all the little parts just get lost in the bottom and he forgets he even has them. We have a shelf/bin organizer we picked up at a yard sale but it ends up so mixed up we end up in the same boat of not being able to find anything.

There are a couple ideas, you can rotate the toys to keep them interested. Check out this article Michelle wrote after Christmas. Here! Or in my case we decided to go through and see what we could toss or donate. Everything else is getting organized.

The other day while picking my son up from daycare I noticed their bin organization. They put a picture of the type of toy with the bin to keep like items together. Although I'd seen this before I never really thought about doing it at home. So yesterday we tried it. So far so good.

Just organize your bins/boxes/whatever you've got by like items. Take a photo. I drug the photo's to MS PowerPoint and added text labels. I'm sure just a picture would suffice as well.

I'm super excited to see if we all can keep it up! 


  1. I've printed up picture labels before, but I love that these are actual pictures of their toys vs just clip art ones. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing.


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