I Made My Own Butter!!

Before you know it I'm going to be plowing fields and milking cows, just kidding but I did make my own butter for the first time yesterday. I think I made it when I was a kid and the teacher brought in a jar of whipping cream and all the kids took turns shaking it until it turned into butter, I didn't have a classroom of children to do the work for me so I used my Kitchenaid. On Monday I posted an article How to make your own whipped cream using heavy whipping cream, if you can do that then you are halfway there. First take your heavy whipping cream out of the fridge and let it sit and warm up a little bit, I used 1/2 pint of the heavy whipping cream to start out with since it was my first time making it, after it's room temperature pour into your mixing bowl and start mixing on medium.

When it starts looking like whipped topping you are about halfway there, just keep mixing!

You will know it's getting close when the buttermilk liquid starts separating from the butter and you can see the butter is turning yellow. It's actually really cool to watch.

I took it out when it was a ball and rinsed it in cold water, I didn't know what to do with the buttermilk so I tossed it, next time I will save it and use it in something. You can also add a little salt, I didn't this time but it's still delicious.

Then just put it in a little container and keep it in the fridge, it tastes so good just by itself on toast. Next time I may try some flavored butter, maybe with some herbs or maybe some kind of sweet butter. The possibilities are endless now that I know how easy it is and it only took about 15 minutes to make it.


  1. You made butter at home when you were 12-13. We skimmed the cream off the top of the milk and used the mixer. We used to use the buttermilk in pancakes or in packaged pasta mixes that call for some milk. We figured out the hard way that the cream has to be room temperature. Recently in our area we have seen pasturized milk with the "cream at the top". It's not homogenized so the cream separates, but you know it is safe to drink because it is pasturized. Haven't tried it yet! You are following in your Grandma's footsteps! :)


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